Funding Application


Funding Application

To have your event funded by APASA, please confirm that your member organization is in good standing with us, and that you have done everything on the list below SIX WEEKS prior to your event. Please read the following carefully:

  1. Please confirm again that you are submitting an application SIX WEEKS before when funding is needed. Please plan accordingly. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  2. Confirm with an APASA e-boarder that your event/items are eligible be funded by APASA! For example, we can fund food, but not clothing. APASA does not offer reimbursements. A perfect time to do this would be during general meetings on Monday. If you are short on time, you can contact
  3. Find an APASA e-board member that is capable of traveling with you the day of your event in order to pay for the expenses if your application is approved. We cannot disburse money directly to APASA member organizations.
  4. Please contact your Publicity Director or equivalent that all publicity materials for events funded by APASA MUST explicitly state that the event was funded by APASA and bear our logo.
  5. When you have completed all of the above, email OR turn in a hard copy to the APASA mailbox in TCC 224 with:
  • completed APASA-Funding-App-Fall-2016
  • a schedule of times you are available to meet with the Exec/Assistant/Finance Director in the same or following week to go over the funding application. We will also prep you to present the application to the general assembly the following Monday. All meetings will take place in TCC 224.

ONE WEEK after your event, you must email the following to

New Member Org

New Member Org

Step 1: Email or Sarah Kim to schedule a meeting to discuss your organization joining APASA.

Step 2: Fill out the application: APASA New Member Organization App 2016-2017

Step 3: You will hear back from Ashley and the APASA E-board shortly after.

Appointed Board

Appointed Board

Applications for APASA Appointed E-board are out! Descriptions for specific appointed board positions are included in the application. Join the APASA family today:

Selection Process:

  • April 3: Applications due by 11:59 PM to

  • Applications will be screened. APASA Elected Board will schedule interviews with selected applicants via email.

  • April 5-12: Scheduled Interviews

  • Decisions sent out via email.

Open Positions

  • Communications Chair

  • Marketing Director

  • Business Relations Director

  • External Community Chair

  • Internal Community Chair

  • Recruitment Director

  • Webmaster

  • Historian

  • Advocacy Chair

  • Diversity Liaison

Apply at