2015-2016 APASA Appointed Board Results

Hello lovely readers!

The Directors, Events Chair and Finance Chair have conducted interviews and deliberated for the past two weeks to finalize the 2015-2016 APASA Appointed Board, and I am happy to share with you all the results:

Advocacy Chair: Susana Chan
Communications Chair: Christian Miyamae
External Community Chair: Amy Chau
Graphics Chair: Teresa Pham
Historian: Natalie Zhang
Internal Community Chair: Vivian Tsai
Recruitment Chair: Ted Lee
Social Media Chair: Gabe Lam
Webmaster: Kevin Wu

Please congratulate these leaders as they shape and mold the next Asian Pacific American Student Assembly.

A huge and well-deserved congratulations to these student leaders!

Sally Yoo
Master of Web + Cutie/Derpy Kevin’s Predecessor

Professors of Color

Hello lovely readers : )

I am back again to inform you all of one of APASA’s greatest spring events: Professors of Color.


So often, we overlook our professors and faculty members that teach us not just curriculum, but so much more. These professors have committed their lives to educating students like us in hopes that we become greater and more aware, and it is our chance to give back to these professors.

Professors of color contribute immensely to the USC community, and if you have been privileged to have learned or interacted from a professor of color, please go ahead and nominate them using this google form. We will be honoring professors during their class times and with a personalized plaque.

Please keep in mind that professors of color is an overarching term that encompasses all minorities (people of color), and is not limited to the Asian/ Asian American ethnicity.

Thank you for always supporting APASA and our events.. and me! My time as Master of the Web is almost up, and I hope to elicit your support for this program before I leave uscapasa.com with my awesome successor, Kevin Wu.

Sally Yoo
Master of the Web + Lover of Professors of Color

Intern Event: APAmazing Race

What’s up everyone!

This past Saturday, the APASA Intern class held their annual intern event; and this year, we decided to create an event called “APAmazing Race” – and it was a huge success! Similar to the popular TV show “Amazing Race,” teams of two were challenged to explore campus and perform difficult but fun tasks using the clues and riddles provided. With 25 teams competing to win our awesome prizes, we had quite a successful turnout; but the real fun didn’t start until the race began.


The competition definitely grew intense once the game started as the participants ran off to find their first location and to complete their challenges. Adrenaline-driven and hungry to win, students sprinted back and forth and throughout campus as they tried to reach the right destination. Our interns had set up task stations at significant locations around campus, such as the E-Quad, Tommy Trojan, and Ground Zero, and we were soon bombarded with eager teams trying to decipher the riddles and to complete their tasks.

We made sure that there were a variety of challenges involved as well! While the physical tasks, such as hitting baseballs while being dizzy and popping balloons with exercise instructions in them, were quite exhausting, especially with the running – there were silly and fun games too such as reenacting the famous Lady and the Tramp scene with Pocky sticks, eating food without your hands, and completing jigsaw puzzles. By the end of the event, participants were definitely sweaty and tired but were also laughing and enjoying themselves the entire time.

Finally, teams began to arrive at the finish line, and the first six teams were awarded with our awesome prizes. First place winners received Disneyland tickets and the following teams received movie tickets, Chipotle gift cards, and Starbucks gift cards. Every participant was also rewarded with Ozero boba as well for coming out to play in our event!


In the end, everyone had a great time, and it was great to see how successful our intern event went. It was a great experience to learn how to plan and execute a campus-wide event on our own; but it was also an incredible experience to watch students truly enjoy what we had created. I’d like to thank everyone who came out and made it such a successful event, and I’d also like to thank my fellow interns and e-boarders for training us and helping us achieve this goal. Hopefully, we will be able to host more exciting events like this in the near future and get more students involved with even more games and bigger prizes!

Again, thanks to everyone who came out this weekend, and we hope to see you guys again!

Gabe Lam
APASA Intern

ITASA West Coast Conference

Hello everyone!

At the beginning of this month, the annual Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association (ITASA) West Coast Conference was held at USC from March 6 to 8. With an overarching theme of “To Infinity and Beyond,” space cadets, aka the attendees, experienced a weekend filled with inspiring speeches, educational workshops, and lots of space puns courtesy of the out-of-this-world Space Command team.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.04.56 PM

Numbers wise, there were 78 registrants, 30 volunteers, and 8 small group leaders who attended from schools all over the West Coast. Space cadets listened to keynote addresses from Taiwanese American film producer Dan Lin, and LA policy director Betty Hung, where they learned of how being Taiwanese has shaped their career and the value of leadership and civic engagement in the Asian Pacific American community, respectively. Three workshop series took place over the two days allowing the space cadets to “Fuel, Discover, and Activate” their knowledge and passion for Taiwanese and Asian Pacific American culture and identity. The nighttime activities consisted of a Night with the Stars concert and an intergalactic banquet.


This conference was definitely a highlight of my freshman year. Not only did I get to meet so many more Taiwanese Americans and Asian Americans from all over the West Coast, but I also learned more about my identity as a Taiwanese American. Growing up in Irvine, California, the idea of being Asian American was never something that I felt made me special or unique because I was always surrounded by so many just like me. However, during the conference, I met many amazing people who shared their stories of growing up in areas being one of the few Asian Americans. It was inspiring to hear their struggles and stories growing up. I hope to take all the knowledge that I gained during this conference with me as I strive to go to infinity and beyond with all of my dreams and aspirations.

The ITASA West Coast Conference will take place next year at Stanford University and I greatly recommend all those who are interested, whether you are Taiwanese or not, to attend! It will be a weekend you will always remember!

Visit http://itasa.org to learn more about how you can be involved with ITASA!


Fight on!

Tiffany Liu



Appointed Board Info Session

Hello lovely readers!

I am back to share an awesome opportunity with you all:


WHAT: APASA’s 2015-2016 Appointed Board Informational Session
WHERE: TCC 350-351
WHEN: Monday, March 30 from 6pm to 7pm
WHO: Current APASA e-board & APASA assembly organization representatives
WHY: To get to know us! To potentially influence and shape an organization that has 21 member organizations and over 3000 members! To be APAwesome and look for more opportunities in the APA scene at USC! To hear firsthand from current e-boarders on the duties and responsibilities of their positions! To find out about next steps and network with the Top 5! To support Lorna who put this event together from scratch! : )

I truly encourage everyone to apply. Apps can be found on this page. They are due this Sunday at 11:59pm, and more information on next steps can be found on the application document. APASA has been the best experience of my college career, and I think you would find it equally challenging, stimulating, and rewarding. Join the APASA family today.

Ask me if you have any questions! See you there :}

Sally Yoo
Master of Web + Excited to meet the next Master of Web