APA Film Week

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing spring break. This week was midterm-filled and study intensive for some but nevertheless we are still thankful the turnout was still good for APASA’s APA Film Week which happened this past week.


I found my first APA Film Week to be much more interesting than I expected. The movie that stood out to me most was “A Leading Man” starring Jack Yang, Heather Mazur, and Tsai Chin. It was about the inner conflict an Asian-American male actor was having when he was told to play the part of a “typical Chinese character.”  This character, whose name was Kung Pao, was a small-eyed, accent-riddled groveling exchange student whose only role in the film was for comedic purposes.

The film which was released in 2014, showcased a very extreme and apparent side to racism and stereotyping Asians. It goes to show that battling stereotypes is still very much a large part of the daily lives of Asian Pacific Americans even in 2015; this is not just a problem of the past.  It persists even to this day.

I have lived in a largely Asian populated area for most of my life and personally would not say that I have felt discriminated against while I was growing up.  However, APA Film Week opened my eyes to how stereotyping and racial profiling still is part of the culture and society here even if I personally have not been affected by it and it showed me that we should continuously push for equality so that situations like the one in “A Leading Man” will remain part of the past and not venture into the future.

I learned a lot from APA Film Week and I hope you guys did too if you attended! Thank you for all the love we have received from you guys for our APAHF events!

Signing Off,

Rachel Lee
APASA Intern

APASA Election Results

Hello my lovely readers!

I hope all of you had a relaxing spring recess. I actually was able to go to San Francisco and be the classic tourist- playing with air at the Exploratorium, eating clam chowder in the sourdough bowl at Fisherman’s Wharf, stuffing egg tarts in my face at Chinatown.. And here is a picture of my APAwesome company that miraculously survived spending 3 whole days with me:


(I took this picture and if I do say so myself, I take some pretty horrible pictures.)

I am here to excitedly announce that APASA held elections over the course of 2 weeks, and we have our Top 5 finalized for the 2015-2016 school year! Without further ado, here are the results:

Executive Director: Lorna Xu 
co- Assistant Director: Alice Mao 
co- Assistant Director: Sally Yoo 
Events Director: Haneul Lee
Finance Director: Sarah Kim 

Please congratulate and support these five leaders as they begin shaping and planning the future of our organization. Make sure to reach out to them if you have any questions or suggestions. Also, if you are actually reading this blog post and frequent the uscapasa website, you should definitely apply for our 2015-2016 Appointed Board! Applications are due next Sunday, April 5. More information can be found on the link above, so come through :’)

I look forward to seeing all of you apply!

Sally Yoo
Webmaster + Carrier of Sean Zhong’s Legacy


APASA Volleyball Tournament


Wow, if you didn’t show up for the volleyball tournament this past Saturday, you sure missed out. The APASA Volleyball tournament was a much more fun event than I had originally thought. Hosted by our lovely APASA webmaster, Sally Yoo, the volleyball tournament was filled with hilarious moments, sad moments, and clutch moments.


The tournament layout included a somewhat standard tournament layout for six teams with each team playing two others at the beginning. Although these games could only be played up to two games with the team winning two games or whichever that won by more points would move on because of the time constraint, the games were all sweeps and the game were all won as if it was a best of threes.


The top four teams, Sigmas, TAO, Delta Gammas, and KSA, played for 1st to 4th place. Because the previous matches were all dominant performances by the winning team, these games were much closer and much more exciting to watch. The final match between Sigmas and TAO was very intense as many of the members from both teams were from intramural volleyball. After an intense 1-1 match and a lost volleyball that was shot onto the balcony, Sigmas pulled back the game from a 0-1 to a 2-1 victory.


Congratulations to Sigmas for their well deserved victory, TAO playing great games and getting 2nd, and shoutout to KSA for getting 3rd and having a team from various APASA orgs! Also, Shoutout to Sprinkles for being awesome and sponsoring the prize of a dozen Sprinkles Cupcakes for 1st place!

Also, a well-deserved thanks to Stanley Cheng for taking all the pictures at the tournament!

Kevin Wu

2015 APASA’s Got Talent

Thank you to everyone who came out to APASA’s Got Talent! We had an amazing turnout with the help of celebrity guest judges, incredible USC student performers, and efficient Ground Zero staff. Leo Xia, past iVoice champion and active APA student, kick-started the event with an original song. He grabbed the audience’s attention with a catchy tune and relatable lyrics. Last year’s first place winner, Shawn Halim was able to pick up yet another award as he took home third place with talented Carrie Zhang. This duo delighted the crowd with their bubbly energy and sweet melody. Street Dance Society (SDS) won first place with a solo freestyle performance by MZ. This dancer only brought positive energy and laughter as he rocked to Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now“.

The show would not have been possible without the other student performers. Kevin Sung and Leanne Park wowed the crowd with their amazing rapping skills; Jessica Koe twirled and jumped across the stage; Adrian So serenaded his listeners with his guitar and voice; and Peri Cooper put her own spin on Rihanna’s “We Found Love”.


The guest judges, which included YouTube star Priska, rapper MC Jin, singer Jae Jin, and America’s Best Dance Crew judge and winner D-Trix, also helped bring the event to a happy close with their constructive critiques and APAmazing performances.


Sarah Kim
APASA Intern



Triad and Tested

There has never been a story as intriguing and heartwarming as the one of a son of a Chinese mafia and his high school sweetheart. In CASA’s 16th annual culture show, the group put on a play featuring the story of Andy Lau, the son of a Hong Kong triad boss. Faced with the problem of not having a green card, he fakes a marriage with his American best friend Kelly. However, their seemingly simple plan quickly turns into a story of love and adventure filled with family problems, problematic gangs, and immigration officers. The whole audience was kept on their feet as they watched Andy escape a life of organized crime and Kelly get away with fraud. 

Intermixed within this charming love story are traditional and contemporary cultural groups such as the Trogons, USC’s own East Asian Acapella group, Traditional Chinese Dance, CASA’s Hip Hop Dance Project and last but not least, WuShu Nation. Their talents ranged from singing to popular Chinese songs, dancing to beautifully choreographed moves, rocking out to upbeat, modern music and mastering the art of sword movements. All these groups culminated into an awesome show filled with Chinese culture and history that fascinated the entire student body of USC.

Even though this event only happens once a year, it is a good reminder to all Asian American students of what their heritage and culture means. It is so easy to lose track of what traditions Chinese people partook in thousands of years ago, but to see that history reenacted through the different performances we had, students were able to relate back to their culture once again. Although presented in a cheerful manner, the issues highlighted in the play still remain problematic for some Asian Americans today. Lack of green cards, immigration biases and even gang violence ring true for many Asian Americans. It’s necessary to recognize these problems so that in the future, we as an Asian Pacific American community can tackle those issues together. All in all, it was awesome seeing so many Asian Americans and non-Asian Americans come out and support such an Amazing show put on by a group of students who had been working on this show since May of 2014. I’m excited for what they have in store for us next year! And of course, fight on!

Check out CASA’s fb page!