Hi everyone! My name is Casey Huang and I am the APASA Communications Chair! If you don’t know who I am, I’m that annoying guy that sends out the newsletters every week. I’ll be telling you about my experience with our annual Kickoff Concert – as an E-Board member and as a performer.

Although I’ve been to the APASA Kickoff Concerts each year ever since my freshman year, this was the first year I was asked to perform in it as a part of KASA Freshman Dance-Off Board and open the show this year. Though we were scheduled to perform it on September 8th, Sara reached out to me in early July to secure a spot in the lineup. Thus we were already preparing throughout the second half of the summer break, and met up frequently during the first few weeks of school so that we would be able to execute a presentable performance for the audience members. This was also really exciting for me because it would be the first time I debuted my own choreography and showed it to other people. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to be happy with what I produced, but overall, I am more than happy with the results.

USC KASA Freshman Dance-Off Board opening the Kickoff Concert

USC KASA Freshman Dance-Off Board opening the Kickoff Concert

This year, since the performers that we invited to come were current USC students, there was a big difference with the vibe that surrounded the event. To me, it felt more intimate and warm – whether it was students cheering on their friends while they performed, or just the general ambiance of how everyone was. As always, many students attended this event and sat around the E.F. Hutton Park stage on the blankets, along with food that was provided by APASA, delicious boba milk tea, and Hubert’s lemonade.

At the end of the performances, we also had a captivating discussion and Q&A for the performers that was led by our E-Board members. The audience was thoroughly excited with the performances, and the event was overall very successful!


Thank you to Byron Li for the pictures!