What is APASA?

APASA stands for the Asian Pacific American Student Assembly.  We are the umbrella organization for 23 Asian Pacific American (APA) member organizations at USC, each playing an important role in event planning and sharing information at assembly meetings.  We also serve as a source of funding and advisement for our member organizations.

APASA is also one of 8 assemblies under USC Program Board, the student-run organization that plans and executes all large-scale events at USC.  We are an independent event-planning assembly that puts on a variety of events that reflect APA heritage.

What kind of events has APASA put on?

Our events vary from year to year, but some traditional APASA events include:

  • Cultural Art Expo, a collaboration between USC’s cultural assemblies including performers, visual artists and other activity booths

  • Night Market, a traditional night market festival, featuring game booths, prizes, and food

  • Speaker Event, annual speaker event in celebration of APASA’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival

  • APASA’s Got Talent, performances from the talented APA community with guest judges

What’s the difference between APASS, APASA, APAA?

In brief, APASS is run by university staff, APASA is run by (undergraduate) students, and APAA is run by alumni.

APASS stands for Asian Pacific American Student Services. USC APASS is a division of USC Student Affairs aimed at providing resources to students, such as peer and career mentoring, and APA educational programming. APASS is focused on facilitating participation, dialogue, community-building, and empowerment among the APA student population. For more information on APASS, please visit their website.

APAA stands for Asian Pacific Alumni Association. USC APAA connects USC Alumni of Asian Pacific origin/descent with the university and one another lifelong and worldwide. For more information on APAA, please visit their website.

What are the benefits of being on APASA?

APASA member organizations have the opportunity to meet and network with many of the Asian Pacific American organizations on campus. APASA also serves as a source of funding for member organizations in planning large-scale events on campus.

If you’re considering becoming an APASA intern, it’s a great opportunity to get more involved with the APA community at USC as a whole.

How do I join APASA?

There are many ways to get involved with APASA! You can indirectly join APASA by joining any or several of our member organizations. In order to get directly involved with APASA, we have a yearlong internship program.

The APASA Internship Program is chance for students to learn more about APASA and be involved in APASA’s behind-the-scenes work! The Fall semester serves as an introduction to the APASA structure and the Executive Board. Interns will have the opportunity to “shadow” an APASA Executive Board member as well as take part in the assembly’s event planning. The Spring semester provides a more in-depth experience for APASA interns, with more involvement in event planning and assisting the executive board. In addition to volunteering at APASA events throughout the semester, Interns will be responsible for planning their own event.  In the past, successful interns have gone on to serve as APASA Executive Board members.

When and where are APASA meetings? Can I attend?

Unless otherwise specified, APASA assembly meetings take place every Monday evening at 6:00pm in RTCC. If you would like to make an announcement, please contact us at apasa@usc.edu at least 24 hours prior.

Who do I contact if I have more questions about APASA?

Please direct questions to apasa@usc.edu.