12356695_1028120557219216_1330487989664087836_o What’s up readers! I’m Gabe, the Social Media Director for APASA this year, and I’m here to recap our amazing APASA Assembly Mixer hosted at the end of every fall semester! This Assembly Mixer is always a favorite as it combines some of the best things in life all into one – food, family, and fun. Not to mention it was also ugly Christmas sweater and onesie themed!

To kick off, we had invited our member organizations to contribute food to our potluck and that had such a great turnout. We had plates of yummy pasta, bacon wrapped sausages, fried rice, pies and desserts, chips, Korean snacks, cookies, salad, and so much more! Here’s a big shout-out for everyone who brought food - thank you!

We also invited member organizations to bring their members to the mixer, opening up the floor to more people to join in on our APASA fun! Vivian, our Internal Community Chair who planned and hosted the event (props to Vivian!), kicked off the mixer by recapping some highlights from each of our member orgs. We had representatives talk about what their orgs had done over this first semester, and what plans they have for the next one; it was awesome to see what everyone had accomplished in just one semester. From speaker events to tailgates to fun and exciting GMs, APASA is always super proud of our member organizations and what they do each year.

As the night went on, we all had a great casual bonding experience over food, music, and friends. One special activity that we hosted was an activity that allowed our member orgs to show their appreciation for each other! We had take-out boxes marked with each member org’s name at the front of the room, along with pens and little slips of paper in which members could write something nice for the organization to read and keep! It turned out to be a very popular activity and by the end of the night – most of the boxes were completely filled to the rim! Overall, it was just a very nice and sincere gesture that showed that we are all part of the APASA family!

The Assembly Mixer was a fantastic note to end the semester with, and we can’t wait to kick-off the spring semester with more events with our friends and family. But for now, enjoy your winter break and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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Gabe Lam

Social Media Director