Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing alright amidst the dreaded midterm season!

Midterms can be one of the greatest stressors in a college student’s life, especially if those exams hit all at once, but some were able to find ways to combat their stressors.

Despite many of us having less than the recommended amount for sleep and bags under our eyes, about 100 students joined us for Destress with ACA, APASA, and ISA!


It was a great time for all, as many colored with great attention to detail (Shoutout to Tiffany Chen! You go girl! Your coloring was truly impressive and your number of orange colored pencils even more impressive).


We were able to forget about our worries about grades and even school in general by having a memorable time with old and new friends alike.

It was even greater because we received FREE boba from Coco’s and frozen yogurt from Yogurtland! YUM! (No uber needed!)

I think everyone who attended would agree that it was a very enjoyable time, because we all felt like kindergarteners again, except we were able to color within the lines. (Your mom would be so proud! Golden Sticker for you!)

I genuinely hope everyone had a fun time! It was such a great way to be able to spend a stressful Monday night with fellow Trojans who were experiencing similar stressors and potential mental breakdowns.

Putting the jokes aside, I hope everyone keeps going strong and continues to put their best foot forward! Remember that you are capable of so much!

Midterms can be definitely stressful but don’t forget to find ways to DESTRESS!