Name: Sarah Kimiko Johnson

Class: Freshmen

Major: Psychology

Minor: Consumer Behavior and Marketing

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Ethnicity: Japanese and white

I joined APASA to have the opportunity to impact and directly connect with the APA community at USC. There are so many diverse cultures within the APA community and APASA allows APAs to bring all of our backgrounds and stories to one collective space. APASA also provides a platform for meaningful discussion of APA events and issues, which we then can apply to the USC community. Through APASA, I can share my perspective on APA issues as a Japanese-American and as a hapa. I am excited to continue to connect with, influence, and impact the APA community at USC.

Aside from APASA, I am involved with Intervarsity, which is a Christian fellowship group. I am a member of the women'sā€™ club basketball team and we play other colleges in the area and I am also a member of Nikkei club. Lastly, I tutor fifth graders twice a week at Vermont Elementary through JEP. I want to declare a double minor in Consumer Behavior and either Marketing or Business to combine with my psychology major.

Some other things I love are: my family, especially my brother and 3 young cousins, my friends, boba, shopping, baking, Disney and TSUM TSUMS!