The APASA Executive Board recently welcomed its 2018-2019 Intern Class! These fourteen new members of APASA will work alongside the E-Board to support events, build community, and learn the ropes of on-campus event planning. 

The intern class is comprised of a variety of different majors, ranging from Environmental Engineering to Computer Science Business Administration! They hail from all across the nation, from San Jose, CA to Honolulu, HI! Ten of the class are freshman and four are sophomores. This year, we really wanted to create an intern class that would bring diverse perspectives to the table and be able to grow through the program. Each intern has their own APA issue for which they are especially passionate about.

In the future, look out for exciting programming put on by our interns. The self-decided theme of the Intern Class is: “Bridging Similarities”. Find all these interns at upcoming events such as Night Market or Cultural Art Expo!

The following is a list of our 2018-2019 Intern Class: 

⁃Patrick Fang

⁃Ritika Dendi

⁃Sarah Johnson

⁃Bethany Lum

⁃Kimberly Phung

⁃Jane Lee

⁃Gabriel Chen

⁃Ruth Chen

⁃Aaron Ly

⁃Chris Su

⁃Sophia Nguyen

⁃Mindy Diep

⁃Lily Perry

⁃Jessica Kim