Hello all,

I hope everyone had a lovely Spring Break!

Last Friday, APASA put a relaxing end to the week by visiting an old friend, Totoro! As part of our APAHF series and annual movie night, we screened the beloved Japanese animation, “My Neighbor Totoro.” Accompanied by free Boba, a raffle of adorable Totoro goodies, and a packed screening room, it was a big success.

The film, created by Hayao Miyazaki at Studio Ghibli, has been critically acclaimed for capturing the spirit of childhood curiosity and adventure. We’re invited into the story of two young sisters, Satsuke and Mei, as they explore their new home and befriend Totoro, a friendly spirit in the forest. While they wait for their mother to heal in the hospital, we follow them as they go on a few magical and uplifting adventures.

I had never seen or heard of “Totoro” before coming to USC; after hearing praise after praise for the film, I finally had the chance to see it, and I was not disappointed. The colorful animations, music, and enchanting story speak for themselves, and I can finally understand why the film has earned so many loyal fans. But beyond the excitement of finally meeting the iconic character that night, I was reminded of the beauty of the APA community at our campus. Though it may have been just a film, I feel fortunate to be a member of a community where we can learn from and celebrate the media, arts, and people of other cultures.

Have a great rest of your week, good luck on your midterms, and stay tuned for more APAHF events!

Best wishes,

Michelle Je