Hello lovely readers!

This past Friday many students and fans battled the pouring rain to come out to Bovard Auditorium for one of many of APASA’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival events, a speaker event featuring Alan Yang. For those of you who missed out, Alan Yang is a 2016 Emmy Award winning television writer and is most notable for his work on shows Master of None along with Parks and Rec. Yang has been praised as a major figure in pushing Asian American representation in mainstream media. Along with many umbrellas and soggy sneakers, audience members flooded the auditorium to hear Alan Yang speak about his experiences as a writer, particularly as an Asian American in entertainment. During the event, Alan addressed many issues regarding identity, writing, and growing up as an Asian American. Following the interview-style exchange, audience members were invited to ask questions. Various questions were posed, particularly regarding Alan Yang’s experience as a comedy writer and minority in entertainment. Once the event ended, VIP guests selected from the audience were invited to a meet and greet session where they had the opportunity to receive a signed poster and snazzy photo with Alan Yang. Slogging through the rain to hear Alan Yang speak was definitely worth it, and we hope that you will come out to the remaining APAHF events throughout the rest of February and March. There are many, many more exciting things in store for APAHF, so be sure to mark your calendars and swing by!