Hi y’all! I’m Joy, APASA’s Marketing Director! It’s been a tough week full of midterms, but a lot of us got to channel our competitive sides for AWESOME GOLDEN TROPHIES at the annual Tournament of Champions.

This year, our lovely ICC (hi Stef!) planned a fun-derful day full of games and action. For those who don’t know, APASA holds an annual spirited competition event for our member organizations to bond and potentially win cool prizes. Since we have so many member orgs, we divided up into 4 families where we got to create team chants and meet new friends (TROY PHI, Y'ALL ARE SO NICE!!!). I also got to bond with our new APASA interns and laugh with a lot of them for the duration of the event (check out our AWESOME INTERNS on APASA’s Instagram @uscapasa, haha shameless plug).

We played really fun and interactive games such as peeling oranges without our hands and jumping around in potato sacks. Even though it was pretty hot outside and I made the mistake of wearing long pants, the games made the time fly by. Personally speaking, I thought the games were so fun to watch and take part in. I momentarily lost my voice after cheering for my family. 

At the end of the event, the Cuties won! (not my Wango Tango Mangos family, but that’s okay!) Of course, my favorite part of the event was when we ate FREE BURRITOS from La Valentina!!! I can talk all day about the art of Al Pastor...

I think the event was definitely a fun one. I’m so proud of my APASA family for being such superstars and helping out whenever for whatever! I’m also really happy so many member organizations came with the willingness to take part in some friendly competition.

Overall, I am STOKED for this year! APASA’s got our Night Market on October 20th from 6:30-8:30PM at McCarthy Quad! It’s goanna be another dope event. Hope to see you there! Check out APASA’s Instagram soon for some kewl memes for kool kats.

Cheers to midterms! -.-