Hi, my name is Bethany, and I’m one of the co-recruitment directors for APASA this year!

Hi, I’m Aaron, the other co-recruitment director.

This past Saturday, APASA had its first outing as a complete executive board + interns! We all took the metro out to Santa Monica for a few fun icebreakers, a chance to learn more about one another, and some GOOD FOOD :)

The metro ride over was a little hectic, but that was only because everyone was trying to get to know each other. Before we left, we introduced the interns to a short ice breaker and since then, they’ve been breaking the ice. Though the noise level was strong from our section of the light rail, it was packed with the type of energy you’d expect from a group headed to the beach on the weekend.

Once we made it out to the beach, we played a game called “ID Telephone.” Everyone pulls out their student ID and pairs up with another person. Both people introduce three facts about them themselves and exchange IDs, then find new partners. Seems simple, right?

But here’s the catch: with their new partners, each person must introduce the person whose ID they have. If they forget one of the facts, just like in the game “Telephone,” they have to come up with something off the top of their head. After about 10 minutes and a decent amount of mix-ups, everyone circles back up again and introduces the person whose ID card they finished with.

And that’s how at least five people ended up with “Owns a Mercedes” or “Is a competitive snowboarder” as one of their three facts. Following our combined e-board/intern ice breaker, we stayed on the beach a little longer to hang around and enjoy the views..

After taking some pics and throwing some frisbees, it was finally time for dinner. We made our way back to 3rd Street Promenade, where we promptly split up into three different groups based on our food preferences. One group went to get salad and my group went for burgers at Steak and Shake. I could spend another paragraph reviewing the food, but that’s the job of our esteemed food blogger @patrickblogsfood (follow him on the gram!).

After dinner, we got caught up in some other attractions, such as the street shows and shopping. But soon, it was time to head home. The metro ride back was noticeably quieter than before. That was to be expected after a long day of activities and bonding.

This year, we are thrilled to be mentoring such a lively and positive group of interns. We can’t wait to see the amount of learning and growth they can gain from the intern program.

To our interns: (Jaehee Cho, Abida Diep, Richard Huang, Catherine Kim, Minyoung Kim, Jennifer Lee, Sissi Lin, Josh Lu, Cody Mizuguchi, Ethan Soo, Kimberle Sotelo, Leon Zha, and Christy Zheng)!

We’re excited to have you all with us this school year! 
Santa Monica