HEY GUYS! I'm Kevin, and I'm the Webmaster for APASA. The new website design was mostly designed and edited by me. =D!

Well, anyway, Tournament of Champions happened last last weekend on October 3rd and it was a blast. Although it was a very sunny day and it was a Saturday morning, many of our APAwesome member orgs still came out to join us in our version of a field day (You go guys).


First, we had a three-legged potato-barrow relay race between all the teams which was first a three legged race, then a potato sack race, and then a wheelbarrow race.

Then, for the next event we had something called Overtake, where teams ran around in circles trying to "overtake" others by running past the team in front of them.

Afterwards, we finished off with a Best of Three match of Capture the Flag. It was a 2-0 sweep at the end, but mostly everyone was tired and just wanted the Chick-fil-a we were providing as they were all chanting, "CHICK-FIL-A! CHICK-FIL-A!".

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Last shoutout to the four member orgs who tied for first and won this year's Tournament of Champions. Thanks to those who came for coming out, and if you didn't be sure to support APASA and your member org next year. I hope everyone enjoyed our event and bonded with the other member orgs. (CASA-DELT-AABA-PHI!)

Also, be sure to check out APASA's signature event, Night Market this Friday, October 16th at McCarthy Quad for fun games, free boba, free food, and free prizes. Whoooo!


Thanks! -Kevin Wu Webmaster