Every year, APASA's diversity liaisons create a diversity project to highlight the diverse issues and cultures within the APA community and in relation to other communities. This year, as co-diversity liaisons, we really want to bring together the USC community in a fun and interactive way. And what brings people more together than good food and good conversation? Thus, Mukful was born.

Feel free to contact us at uscapasa.diversity@gmail.com 


what is mukful? 

Mukful is a monthly video where a guest or two and Co-Diversity Liaisons Stacy Phan and Grace Martinez come together, share a meal and talk about different issues that they are passionate about. Based off of mukbang, an online broadcast of binge eating that turned into a YouTube trend, Mukful is a way for USC students to eat delicious food and discuss their struggles, passions and unique backgrounds. Stacy & Grace believe that food and conversation will not only connect students but also display how beautifully diverse the Trojan family is.

Want to nominate someone to be a guest on the show? Click the link below!

Mukful Nomination Form


This year, APASA's Co-Diversity Liaisons want to touch upon a breadth of APA and API issues. However, as only two people, we know that we cannot possibly know about every single APA issue in the community as much as we try to. The purpose of this form is for us to get a better sense of what students who identify as APA or API want to learn more about and care for. This is just one of the ways we are sourcing this information – we will also be reaching out to APASA org representatives, posting in our newsletter, and sharing the word amongst the entire student body. Through these avenues, we will use the responses to help us shape our diversity project.

Diversity Topic Form