Hello frands!! Hope your week is going AMAZING like you :D If not, to be honest, last week was a tad rough for me too but it was totally UPLIFTED when I went to APASA’s Movie Night last Friday on the 23rd! In spirit of APASA’s annual heritage festival’s theme, “Embracing Differences,” APASA hosted the amazing Studio Ghibli film, “Howl’s Moving Castle,” an Oscar nominated movie directed by the amazing Hayao Miyazaki for the “Best Animated Feature Film of the Year.” For those who aren’t familiar with either, Studio Ghibli is an acclaimed Japanese animation film studio whose cherished works have touched the hearts of thousands not only in Japan, but also internationally. Popular works by Hayao Miyazaki also include “Spirited Away” and “My Neighbor Totoro.” Though I had watched “Howl’s Moving Castle” many years ago in elementary, I am literally Dory from “Finding Nemo” and have absolutely no memory of it but was nevertheless so EXCITED to take a break from studying and snuggle up with my APASA buddies to watch this beautiful movie. 

As the lights dimmed and the iconic soundtrack from the movie began to grace my eardrums while I sipped on my free boba generously passed out by APASA, I was just getting into the mood when I became shookity shook by the English words coming from the mouths of the characters. THE MOVIE IS DUBBED?? Though I was INITIALLY not all for it, now looking back, I realized the dubbed version actually made it MUCH MORE funny. Overall, the film was such a feel-good movie that made me laugh and be touched all at once. “Howl’s Moving Castle,” tells a love story between a girl named Sophie, who was cursed to live in an elderly woman’s body, and Howl, a young and handsome wizard able to shape shift into a breathtaking bird. The fantastical elements of a moving castle combined with comedic friends, such as the fire demon Calcifer, made the movie absolutely amazing to watch.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and was also a little more obsessed with the cute ‘ol witch of the west (literally all my saved snaps from this event are CLIPS OF DIS CUTE THANG).  


At the end of it all, we raffled off movie-related prizes such as a Calcifer Coin Bag, Studio Ghibli themed socks, and a PUPPY plushie :O

If you ever have time to watch the movie, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. The soundtrack from the movie is also PERFECT for studying (https://open.spotify.com/track/3vshJWDHm9tzcL6ZM2mvsX?si=5rbcm6iJSg6dlyuzHqnQGg) . This film is definitely one I will remember!! (mostly because of thAT CUTE OL LADY I MEAN LOOK AT HER)