Funding Application FAQs

Funding Application Step-by-Step Instructions

List of Approved USC Vendors *Note: Not every approved vendor is on the list.

Funding Application Directions

To have your event funded by APASA, please confirm that your member organization is in good standing with us, and that you have done everything on the list below SIX WEEKS prior to your event. Please read the following carefully:

  1. Please confirm again that you are submitting an application SIX WEEKS before when funding is needed. Please plan accordingly. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  2. Confirm with an APASA e-boarder that your event/items are eligible be funded by APASA! For example, we can fund food, but not clothing. APASA does not offer reimbursements. A perfect time to do this would be during general meetings on Monday. If you are short on time, you can contact

  3. Find an APASA e-board member that is capable of traveling with you the day of your event in order to pay for the expenses if your application is approved. We cannot disburse money directly to APASA member organizations.

  4. Please contact your Publicity Director or equivalent that all publicity materials for events funded by APASA MUST explicitly state that the event was funded by APASA and bear our logo.

ONE WEEK after your event, complete the following:

Funding Application FAQs

Where can I find funding applications?

You can find the APASA funding application here. Links to funding applications can also be found on the description section of the APASA Facebook page.

What does APASA not fund?

APASA does NOT fund alcoholic beverages, apparel, reimbursements or refunds, deposits, cleaning or damage fees, and transportation including gasoline, Uber, airfare, etc.

When are applications due?

Funding applications are due 6 weeks prior to the day of the event. This includes weekends and holidays.

What are the different types of funding APASA provides?

General funding: Used for general purposes and events. Member organizations are allowed to apply for general funding once per semester. *Note: this application is used for both general and APAHF funding

Collaborative funding: Used for collaborative purposes between two or more member organizations. Member organizations are allowed to apply for collaborative funding once per semester. Only one participating organization needs to submit a funding application.

Culture show funding: Used for special purposes for a culture show during the Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival in the spring semester. Member organizations are encouraged to seek alternative funding before applying for culture show funding. Note that funding is limited.

How much can APASA fund?

APASA can fund a maximum of $200 for general purposes, $400 for collaborative purposes (with an additional $50 for new collaborations), and $5000 for culture shows. Cases for exceptional funding must be presented to the Finance Director beforehand.

Can I apply for APASA funding if my organization is already being funded by USG?

Receiving funding from more than one source within USC is prohibited. Double dipping into funds is not allowed because the money comes from the same funding pool.

How do I complete funding applications?

Information regarding funding is available here and will also be presented at the APASA Funding Workshop during the first few weeks of school. If you have additional questions, please contact the Finance Director.

How long does it take for the application to process?

It can take up to two weeks to process an application depending on the level of activity during the semester.

What happens if the materials or food being funding changes after already having submitted the application?

If anything changes, immediately notify the Finance Director of the exact changes made. Revisions will be made to the funding application and event funding may be delayed if APASA is not notified in a timely fashion.

When is the latest I can submit changes to the funding application following its approval?

We encourage member organizations to submit their applications when they are sure all the logistics of the event are solidified. However, if an emergency arises contact the finance director immediately. Changes to increase the funding amount will not be allowed. All funding rules and regulations still apply.

Where can I find alternative funding opportunities?

Alternative funding opportunities may be found at the USG website.

Where can I find and submit event evaluations?

Link to event evaluations is here. Please note that all invoices and receipts of materials purchased must be sent to the Finance and Executive Director.

Who do I contact if I have any additional questions about funding or the application process?

For any questions regarding funding, please contact the current Finance Director Ritika Dendi at .